Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Ecosystem

  • Data professionals are ready to consult and support you through every stage of your data warehouse or data hub implementation
  • We create a clear strategy to optimize overall cost and accerelate ROI

Data Warehouse Implementation

We offer an entire cycle of DWH development


Data Warehouse Migration / Optimization

Our experts will migrate your DWH to the cloud, scale it up, and help you optimize performance


Data Warehouse Research and Design

Our team will help you create an effective data warehouse or data hub strategy


Data Warehouse Support

We implement adjustments, and provide an overall support of your data platform


Application transformation on Cloud

Enable the cloud and transform your products to improve the reliability, availability, and scalability.

we explore your existing ecosystem

  • Clarification of the stakeholders’ vision and objectives
  • Reviewing the environment and existing systems
  • Measuring current capability and scalability

We validate your ıdea, choose a tech stack, build a prototype

  • Analysis of existing BI assets, reports and ML models
  • Review and documentation of existing data sources, and existing data connector
  • Estimation of the budget for the project and team composition
  • Logical design of data warehouse and ETL architcture
  • Data quality analysis
  • Detailed analysis of metrics
  • Proposing several solutions with different tech stacks and prototyping

Our experts will build a robust data warehouse based on chosen tech stack

  • Physical design of databases and schemas
  • Integration of data sources
  • Development of ETL routines
  • Data profiling
  • Loading historical data into data warehouse
  • Implementing data quality checks
  • Achieving DWH stability

We Build A Dedicated Team For Ongoing Support

  • Lowering storage and processing costs
  • Supervision of systems
  • Product support and fault elimination

Data Services

Leverage our broad data expertise to design different kinds of data solutions on solutions on full cloud or hybrid cloud architectures

  • Big Data / Data Warehouse / Data lake
  • Real-time Data Processing
  • No-Sql & Graph DB Solutions

Private || Hybrid || Public

End-to-End Cloud Solution Process


Assessment & Planning


Design & Implementation


Report & Signout


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